Revolutionizing Drug Delivery through Transdermal Patches

In administering medicine, getting the dosage correct is very important. Whether it is easing long-lasting pain, keeping blood pressure in check, or making sure vitamins are absorbed properly, giving the proper dosage can be beneficial in helping patients feel better.

Sometimes, conventional ways of giving medicine are not as good at controlling it as we need. That is where ZHI Technologies steps in, offering a revolutionary solution that is changing the game.


The Problem: Accurate Dosing

Conventional drug delivery methods, such as oral tablets or inhaled formulations, face inherent challenges when it comes to ensuring accurate dosing. The body’s complex physiology, including factors like fat storage and absorption kinetics, can significantly impact how drugs are absorbed and released. Once a substance enters the body through these methods, controlling or stopping the dose becomes nearly impossible, raising concerns about overdosing or underdosing.

The ZHI Technologies Solution

ZHI Technologies leads the way in drug delivery innovation. At the core of our breakthroughs is a simple yet revolutionary idea: controlled-release transdermal patches. Unlike traditional methods, our patches offer unmatched precision and control. 
What makes ZHI’s patches special is our unique controlled-release technology. This ensures a steady and reliable dose of active ingredients over time. Whether it is cannabinoids, pain relievers, or supplements, ZHI’s patches deliver these substances directly through the skin, bypassing traditional delivery hurdles.

Benefits of Controlled-Release Transdermal Solutions

The advantages of ZHI’s transdermal patches are manifold:

Accurate Dosing: With controlled-release technology, dosing can be precisely regulated and adjusted as needed. Plus, dosing can be stopped instantly by removing the patch, minimizing the risk of accidental overdosing.
Long-lasting Delivery: ZHI’s patches provide sustained release of substances over an extended period, ensuring consistent exposure and efficacy.


Safety: Controlled-release technology eliminates the risk of “dose dumping,” ensuring that patients receive a safe and steady dose without unexpected spikes in drug concentration.

Patient-friendly: ZHI’s patches are discreet, easy to apply, and individually packaged for convenience. Plus, they offer 24-hour delivery, providing continuous relief without the need for frequent dosing.


ZHI Technologies’ Comprehensive Services


ZHI Technologies offers tailored solutions designed to meet specific needs and exceed expectations. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, helping partners expand their brand and enter new markets swiftly and cost-effectively. 

Our turnkey solutions ensure full compliance with regulations, guided by our team of seasoned professionals. With expertise in transdermal drug delivery, we pave the path to success for our partners.


Tailored Solutions for Specific Needs

Customization is key in drug delivery. We collaborate closely with partners to understand their unique requirements and needs, be it targeting specific conditions or enhancing wellness. Our team crafts tailored solutions that exceed expectations, catering to diverse market demands.


Brand Extension and Market Expansion


ZHI Technologies offers a service aimed at assisting companies in broadening their brand presence and accessing new markets. Through collaboration and leveraging cutting-edge technology, we provide support in diversifying product portfolios and exploring untapped market opportunities. This service is designed to facilitate growth and expansion for our partners, without adopting a sales-oriented approach.

Cost-Effective Product Development

Time is of the essence in the competitive market. Our streamlined development process ensures swift and cost-efficient product launches, from concept to manufacturing. With our support, partners can seize market opportunities promptly and effectively.

Regulatory Compliance and Turnkey Solutions

Our turnkey solutions ensure full compliance with local standards, from product registration to quality assurance. Trust our experts to guide you through the regulatory maze seamlessly.

Industry-Leading Expertise

Behind ZHI Technologies lies a team of seasoned professionals, experts in pharmacology, clinical testing, chemistry, and product development. With years of experience in transdermal drug delivery, we offer partners unparalleled guidance and insights, paving the path to success.

Clinical Research and Performance

ZHI’s commitment to excellence is backed by rigorous clinical research. Studies on their Cannabidiol (CBD) transdermal patches have demonstrated excellent adhesion, minimal skin irritation, and precise dosage delivery over a 24-hour period. In fact, ZHI’s proprietary patch formulation has shown a bioavailability of over 75%, significantly outperforming traditional literature data for transdermal CBD delivery.

Unlocking Potential Through Partnership

ZHI Technologies does not just offer innovative products; they also provide a full range of services to qualified companies looking to harness the power of transdermal delivery. From product development and manufacturing to regulatory compliance and market expansion, ZHI’s private-label partnerships offer a pathway to new revenue streams and enhanced patient care.

ZHI's Transdermal Patches: Precision and Control

  • Reliable Adhesion, Lasting Relief: ZHI’s patches stick securely for 24-hour comfort.
  • Consistent Delivery, Day and Night: Our patches provide steady drug delivery round-the-clock.
  • On-Demand Control, Instant Adjustment: Patients can stop or adjust dosing anytime for instant relief.
  • Steady Drug Levels, Predictable Results: Maintaining consistent drug levels ensures reliable outcomes.
  • Precise Dosage, Tailored Treatment: Our patches offer precise dosing for personalized care.

ZHI Technologies’ Business Model

ZHI Technologies is strategically positioned to revolutionize the transdermal patch market with its innovative approach to product distribution, white labeling services, and R&D collaborations. By leveraging consignment channels, in-house sales teams, and white labeling opportunities, we ensure widespread access to our cutting-edge transdermal patches. 
With plans to ramp up production, attain cGMP certification, and capitalize on emerging market trends, ZHI Technologies is poised for exponential growth and market dominance in the rapidly expanding global transdermal patch industry.
Direct Product Sales
Utilizing consignment via rack jobbers and an in-house salesforce, we ensure widespread distribution of our transdermal patches.

White Labeling Services
Offering white labeling services enables partners to leverage our innovative products under their own brand, expanding market reach.

Small-Batch (Research & Development)
Catering to pharmaceutical companies, we provide small-batch R&D services, fostering collaboration and innovation in drug development.

Immediate Plans Post-Investment

Production Ramp-Up: We will swiftly commence production of  ZHI’s; currently available patches;  i.e., CBD, CBN, CBG & Lidocaine, to establish market presence, gather user feedback, and fortify our brand.

cGMP Certification: Attaining cGMP certification will enable us to offer R&D services to the pharmaceutical industry, opening doors to lucrative opportunities.

Current Traction and Future Prospects

We are already selling research quantities and have secured our first major order of 100,000 CBD patches, signaling market demand and trust in our products.

With the global transdermal patch market poised for significant growth driven by technological advancements and increasing demand for non-invasive therapies, ZHI Technologies is well-positioned to capitalize on this trend.

Projected Revenues
Anticipating strong sales from  transdermal patches, gum, and pharmaceutical R&D, we forecast revenues in the range of $5m to $10m for  2025. As the global  transdermal patch market continues to expand, particularly in North America, our revenue outlook remains promising, reflecting the growing consumer awareness and demand for pain relief solutions.
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