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Unique product with outstanding taste and performance…by design!

Controlled release products offer improved safety and performance.

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Controlled & Long-Lasting

ZHI designs and develops products which control the release of pharmacologically active substances. Explore the benefits of transdermal and chewable gum based bioactive delivery.

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About Us

Chewable Sustained Release for CBD

It is well known that CBD is not water soluble and therefore oral dosage forms are inefficient; they are also very variable in effectiveness and it is easy to accidentally overdose conventional forms.

ZHI Technologies has created a CBD formulation which can release gradually in the mouth where the buccal membranes allow efficient absorption directly into the bloodstream. This gives a gentle increase in blood levels and safe control; since there is almost no release of CBD unless the tablets are chewed.

CSR - Coated Gums™️️️️️

CBD is also known as Cannabidiol, one of the constituents extracted from cannabis known for helping with numerous pain relief benefits by acting upon specific neurotransmitter receptors.

CSR – Coated Gums™️️️️️ contains cannabidiol (CBD) isolate, which comes in various flavors, colors, shapes, and CBD concentrations. CSR – Coated Gums™️️️️️ is a type of CBD-infused edible product that can be a convenient, tasty, and discreet way to consume CBD.

CSR – Coated Gums™️️️️️ is one of the most efficient ways of adding to our daily wellness routine, as it increases the absorption rate of cannabinoids. CSR – Coated Gums™️️️️️ allows the melding of CBD products and chewing gum to enhance the benefits of both. CBD isolate taken sublingually directly reaches the bloodstream and, therefore, gives an almost immediate effect.

The benefits of CSR - Coated Gums™️️️️️

CSR - Coated Gums™️ in use because it is

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CSR - Coated Gums™️️️️️

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CSR - Coated Gums™️️️️️ Advantages

Practical Advantages.

Gum has a long history of successful use in controlled delivery formulations of many substances. Among the advantages they offer are:

Demonstration transdermal patch format with product tracking – delivers with convenience and discretion

Ongoing and stable release benefits all users – particularly the elderly and athletic markets.

Demonstration gum format – multiple gums in convenient blister package

Chewable gums deliver reliable controlled release. Packaging options enable ready use and product tracking.

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Controlled release products offer improved safety and performance. Explore the benefits of transdermal and chewable gum based bioactive delivery.

Controlled release products offer safe, gentle, sustained, and predictable performance. Transdermal and chewable gum products can be tailored to your needs and offer end users improved user experience and safety.

We have an experienced team and can bring new bioactive products and revenue streams to our partners. Products can be designed to specific markets, territories and clients. We can deliver cost-effective product development, from product design and field testing through manufacturing set-up. Explore the differences and benefits of chewable gums and transdermals.

We will help you define the right products for your market and regulatory standards.

ZHI is a group of industry-tested experts with decades of experience in the development and manufacturing of innovative medical products. Dr. David Enscore, our Chief Technical Officer, is one of the innovators in the basic technology of transdermal drug delivery. He has unique experience in formulating, developing and manufacturing products for controlled and sustained release of a wide range of substances. The ZHI team brings expertise in pharmacology, regulatory affairs, efficient clinical testing strategies, chemistry and product development to the rapidly developing field of controlled delivery products.

Controlled Release technology offers improved user experiences in both medicinal and consumer products.

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